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Qubani Ka Meetha / Apricot Dessert

Qubani is an Urdu word for Apricots. And this dessert – Qubani Ka Meetha which itself translates to stewed Apricot dessert is a specialty of Hyderabad. It was the challenge posed by Roha from Hyderabadi Cuisine as part of  SNC ( South Vs North Challenge), which as you might know is a brainchild of Divya from YouTooCanCook, you can read about it more here.

When I first saw this in my inbox I was almost jumping with joy. Apricots are one of my favorite fruits. What I like about apricot is its distinct aromatic flavor. Currently farmer’s markets in the US are boasting California’s “spring gold” – the fresh Apricots. Its velvety golden skin, sweet-tart taste and the fragrance makes it unique.

Thanks to Roha, we now have an unbelievably quick recipe to enjoy apricots. No wonder the dessert is very common in  Hyderabadi weddings. It’s really really simple yet elegant. They generally use dried apricots as fresh apricots are seasonal and they are not native to India. It’s served with cream or custard or ice-cream on top which is completely missing from my plate this time but I have promised myself to do a complete justice to this delicious dessert next time!Stewed Apricot Dessert

Qubani Ka meetha

Qubani Ka meetha

Simplest Apricot dessert you have ever known!



  1. In a deep bowl, add washed apricots and cover them with water. Soak them overnight. (up to 4-5 hours)
  2. Apricots will become softer and will absorb the water. Take out the apricots and  keep the soaking liquid aside, it contains the apricot flavor.
  3. Now remove the seeds carefully and crack them open to get the apricot kernel, these will be used as garnish.Apricot Almonds
  4. In a non-stick saucepan, add soaking liquid, the apricots and some sugar. Let it cook on medium heat for 10-12 minutes until it turns golden brown. You can also add a few drops of lemon juice.Apricot Dessert in making 1
  5. Taste and add more sugar if you like, while it's still cooking. I also added some Apricot kernels so that they also cook little bit.
  6. You can also blanch the Apricot kernels and remove their skin. I skipped this step.
  7. Feel free to add some water or milk if the mixture looks very dry. It should be pulpy and mushy.
  8. When almost done, add few strands of saffron and cardamom powder.Apricot Dessert in making 2
  9. Let it cool down,

Serve it cold with your favorite ice cream scoop or fresh cream, topped with pistachios slices.

Desserts/ Maharashtrian/ Superfoods

नाचणीचे लाडू / Nachaneeche Ladoo / Ragi Laddoo

This is my mom’s speciality and I simply love these laddoos. Forget about being healthy, they are so good, they just melt in your mouth and you won’t be able to make out the main ingredient which is नाचणी / Nachani or Ragi or Finger millet

She always asks me to eat Nachani (Ragi) more often as it contains lot of calcium. Toady on the occasion of Thanksgiving day, I made her speciality to express my gratitude towards my mom.

नाचणीचे लाडू / Nachaneeche Ladoo / Ragi Laddoo

नाचणीचे लाडू / Nachaneeche Ladoo / Ragi Laddoo

The most delicious and healthiest laddoos ever!

Makes 10-11 laddoos



  1. In a medium pan, add 4 table spoons of ghee. Once it melts, add Ragi flour and mix well.
  2. Make sure it does not form any big lumps. If there are lumps, add more flour. Or if it looks very dry, add more Ghee.
  3. Roast the Ragi flour nicely until you can smell it distinctly. It takes 15-18 minutes.
  4. Once done, take it out in a plate and let it cool.
  5. In the same pan, add remaining 1 table spoon of Ghee and roast the Besan (Chick pea flour) nicely. It takes 5-8 minutes.  
  6. Take it out on a plate and let it cool.
  7. Grind sugar in a grinder.
  8. Mix both Ragi and besan flours and also add cardamom powder. Mix well.
  9. Then add sugar one spoon at a time and mix lightly. The mixture should not feel very oily or greasy. 
  10. Add sugar as per your taste. Make sure when you taste it's not too sweet.
  11. Now take handful of mixture and press it together with your hands to make laddoos or balls.
  12. Roll this ball in your palm.
  13. Repeat the steps 11 & 12 for making all laddoos. 
  14. Garnish them with your choice of nuts.

You can keep them for up to 2 weeks but I am sure they won't last that long.

Mom's Tips -

  • Once you form ladoo, roll it in your palm. That's how the ladoo gains shine. It's not excess ghee but the rolling action that adds the shine.
  • Start with less Ghee, you can always add more Ghee before making laddos if needed.
Desserts/ Entertaining/ Maharashtrian/ Spring - Summer Special

आम्रखंड / Amrakhand / Mango Mousse

Alphonso mango with thick creamy yogurt – divine delight!

Admittedly, my whole family has a sweet tooth – I just have the biggest! Whenever my mom asked my preference for dessert I answered with only one word – Amrakhand. Alphonso mango pulp mixed with very think yet very smooth yogurt and sugar with some cardomom and saffron, who wouldn’t like it? For me it’s simply a divine pleasure!

It’s very famous in Pune and other parts of Maharashtra. Gudhi padwa (Hindu New Year) was the perfect occasion to prepare this special dessert at home. Making this at home does have some challenges but those are worth the efforts!

आम्रखंड / Mango Mousse

आम्रखंड / Mango Mousse

My the most favorite dessert!


Take out the yogurt onto a sufficiently large cheesecloth. Tie the ends tightly and hand it to drain excess water for about 8 to 10 hours. Keep a bowl to collect the whey that drips out. Empty the yogurt onto a sufficiently large cheesecloth. I kept it overnight.

Next morning, I transferred it in refrigerator and kept it between several layers of newspaper on a large plate. Place something heavy on top. Keep it for another 2-3 hours.

This gives a think and firm yogurt called “chakka”.

Then transfer it into a large mixing bowl.Add 1/2 cup mango pulp and 1/2 cup sugar. Mix well. Leave it for 10 minutes until sugar dissolves. Add pulp and sugar as needed.  Add cardomom powder, saffron and charoli if you like.


I used hand mixer to dissolve the lumps but food processor works as well. In india we use, pooran machine (food mill) to make chakka smoother before adding mango pulp.

Serve chilled with hot puries!

Sending this to Nupur

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