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Rose Chia Pudding

Grown in Mexico, Chia was a staple diet of the Aztecs and Mayans. The seeds nutrients provided sustained energy during lng hunts and had numerous medicinal benefits. Revered by the people, Chia was often used in religious ceremonies which led to its ban by the Spanish during their conquest of the region.

In the list of rediscovered forgotten foods, the Chia seeds have topped the “Super-foods” category. The oval shaped, nutty flavored seeds are packed with  ALA(alpha-linolenic acid) an Omega-3 essential fatty acids (150%) and fibre (16%)

Chia seeds are extremely easy to consume, you can add these to oatmeal, yogurt, salads or soups. They gain a unique texture when soaked in water or milk. Their soluble fiber forms a gel that thickens milk or other liquids. Try this pudding recipe and you will start loving chia seeds!

Rose Chia Pudding

Rose Chia Pudding

No pudding recipe can be healthier than this.



  1. Add chia seeds and milk in a big bowl and mix them well.
  2. Keep the seeds soaked in milk overnight in a refrigerator  Also keep these covered with a lid.
  3. Next morning, when ready to serve, add other ingredients. Top the mixture with coconut and keshar masala.

Note -

  • I used Everest Keshar masala that contains almonds, pistachios, keshar (saffron) and cardamom.
  • The Rose syrup I used had sugar. You can adjust the amount of honey / sugar according to your tast
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